0081/S, The Chameleon Ferrari

In the past nine years, 0081/S has been spotted in four different color schemes.

0081/S is a road-going version of Touring’s Le Mans Berlinetta made on the 195 Inter chassis. It was crafted for the for the 1950 Turin Motor Show, so it has some unique appointments including the front grill and rear license plate surrounds.

We first saw this car in 2007, in bare aluminum at RM Auctions Monterey Auction where it sold for $429,000 USD.

RM sold the car in a partially dissassembled state after being carefully stored by Richard Little for 30 years.


The new owner Richard Martin executed a fantastic restoration on 0081/S with the help of Terry Scarborough Racing in Sonoma, California.

This restoration turned 0081S back to its original Oro Metallizzato color configurtaion, the same appearance it had at the 1951 Turin Motor Show in Italy. A small sample of the paint was dicovered near the glove box including bits of the original upholstery.

Also at their disposal was a wealth of original parts including the matching-numbers engine, gearbox, rear end, original gauges, steering wheel, switches, small trim pieces and carpet.

The restoration debuted at the 2008 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and later took a Platinum Award at the 2009 Cavallino Classic in Palm Beach.


Next 0081/S appeared at the 2011 Gooding & Company auction and sold for $990,000 USD. This price reflected the Ferrari market apprectiation and the quality of Restoration.

Gooding & Company sad “This sophisticated 195 Inter is not only one of the most visually appealing early Ferrari road cars, it is extremely authentic, thoroughly documented and beautifully restored. As the first chassis in the 195 series and a former Torino show car with singular features, 0081 S exudes the character and distinction sought after by the most discriminating connoisseurs. For the collector who seeks only the very best, this breathtaking Touring Coupé presents a most enticing opportunity.”.

But he missing bumpers should have been a sign that much more was in store for this car.


Turns out that Lex Wexner bought the car at the Gooding Auction, and like his other Ferraris it had to be repainted resale red.

Lex didn’t keep it long however: by 2013 it was listed by Copley Motor Cars for 1.75 million and still without bumpers.


And here’s how it looks today. It has again been repainted, this time to Blu Scurro.

0081/S has been brought to our attention as it is part of the Salon Collection for the upcoming the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale. Below are the presentation images.


***UPDATE: Did not meet reserve at Barrett-Jackson.

3 thoughts on “0081/S, The Chameleon Ferrari

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  • September 15, 2018 at 12:21 am

    0081/S is now for sale at TALACREST for 1 million pound. What a car!

  • January 17, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    I met Richard Little around 2006 – he had moved to NH, and the car was in a storage facility during his restoration attempt. J. Geils had restored the engine for him at KTR Motorsports, and the OEM Prancing Horse bolts remained with the engine. Everything was ‘there’, but he couldn’t commit the needed funds to finish the resto. A shame, he loved the car. Boston Sportscars have a Ferrari Factory poster on their wall with this car on-it, when it was shown in Paris with the Gold finish….it’s a shame that it no-longer has this finish.


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