Mauro Forghieri says Glickenhaus’ car is indeed a P4 & has some chassis parts from the real 0846!

The longest running debate on Ferrarichat is somehow settled.

That’s because Ferrari’s engineer in period confirmed James Glickhaus’ car has a chassis as an original P4.


“I am pleased to report that on March 14th 2016 Mauro Forghieri confirmed in writing that the chassis in the Glickenhaus P3/P4 is the original P3/P4 Chassis of the car that won The 1967 24 Hours of Daytona.”

Glickenhaus describes it as:

“Today was a great day. A journey begun 16 years ago reached a point of clarity and confirmation. “



Title changed from “0846 authenticated by Mauro Forghieri” to current one

3 thoughts on “Mauro Forghieri says Glickenhaus’ car is indeed a P4 & has some chassis parts from the real 0846!

  • May 16, 2017 at 6:47 pm

    After writing the letters to Mr Glickenhaus in February and March, 2016, which did not actually authenticate his car as “0846” at all as Ferrarism’s heading wrongfully states, and considering information and pictures sent to him of the DP0003 Glickenhaus chassis and cylinder block tipo stampings he had not seen before, Ing. Mauro Forghieri, designer/creator at Ferrari of the real 330 P3/P4 #0846, sent me an email on 10th May, 2016, the content of which, in his words in Italian, is as follows below. Scroll down for English translation:

    “ Sig. Robertson
    Io penso che lei sia il maggiore esperto di P4 esistente.La serie di foto
    che mi ha inviato mi hanno fatto enorme piacere, in particolare quella
    della 412 s/n854
    prima nuda e poi in restauro.Le devo comunque fare osservare che sia la
    di Glinkenhaus che la vera P4 s/n 0858 non hanno il tubo da lei indicato
    con le frecce rosse nella foto n 4(412 P s/n0854 ) mentre hanno il tubo
    che lei indica
    sempre con le frecce nella foto n 3(dp3 arrows).Questo diversa soluzione è
    dovuta alle differenze tra motore 412 e 330.La parte posteriore del telaio
    della falsa P4 di Glinkenhaus è stata fatta nuova e questi particolari non
    potevano sfuggire ai carrozzieri, che avevano già costruito vere P4.E’
    nella parte anteriore che non è stata rifatta, che mi sembra sia la
    maggiore distanza dal vero.Lei dimostra comunque che la vettura di
    Glinkenhaus non è una P4 originale con le sue foto relative al motore,ed
    inoltre la posizione della stessa Ferrari, che ha negato il numero a cui è
    molto affezzionato Glinkenhaus,e la mia stessa convinzione negativa e
    quanto asserito da altri non dovrebbe fare credere che questa vettura
    possa essere considerata originale.Io non sono potuto andare in Sicilia
    per motivi di salute e di lavoro, ma sarò a Montecarlo.Ho cercato di fare
    chiarezza sui due tipi di telaio per evitarle commenti e problematiche.
    Grazie per
    tutto con infinite cordialità e rispetto
    Mauro Forghieri”

    Gabriele Longoni very kindly translated Ing. Forghieri’s above email which is as below:

    “Dearest Mr.Robertson

    I believe you are the biggest P4 expert living nowadays.

    I really liked the set of pictures you sent, especially the one about 412 s/n0854 bare chassis and during restoration.

    Please note, however, that both Glickenhaus’ car and the real P4 #0858 don’t have the tube you pointed with red arrows on picture n°4 (412P s/n0854) while they have the tube you point with arrows on picture n°3 (dp3 arrows).

    This different configuration is because of the differences between a 412 and a 330 engine.

    The rear portion of Glickenhaus’ fake P4 is completely new and these details couldn’t have been missed by coachbuilders that built real P4s.

    I believe that the biggest differences from a real one are in the front section.

    You, with those engine pictures, are proving that Glickenhaus’ car is not a real P4; and Ferrari’s belief too is proving it, because they refuse the number that Glickenhaus loves most; my personal negative belief then and what others said should make anyone believe that this car is original.

    I could not travel to Sicily due to health and work issues, but I will go to Montecarlo.

    I tried to make things more clear to avoid further problems to you.

    Thanks for everything, respectfully and with the best regards.

    Mauro Forghieri”

  • April 15, 2020 at 3:38 am

    You changed your headline regarding this article to something which is STILL NOT CORRECT. After seeing pictures of the Glickenhaus chassis and engine, Ing. Forghieri changed his determination and stated the car is not a real P4, but a fake P4. “…. falsa P4 di Glickenhaus…” Why do you not just write to Ing. Forghieri to confirm this instead of perpetuating Glickenhaus’s pathetic and proven false statements?????


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