Concorso Italiano 2016

Concorso Italiano is the world’s largest gathering of Italian sports cars. That is the exciting place you surely visit on the day before Pebble Beach Concours. Saturday, Aug 20th, under a vivid sky, close to 1000 beautiful cars and way more lovely people were gathered for a joyful blast. Join us for a tour in case you couldn’t make it there. Of course we are Ferrari biased, yet we seriously enjoy and respect all the great cars and we promise to be quite liberal in this tour.

So first let’s take a detour to say happy 50th birthday to Ferrari 330 GTC. One of the most handsome Ferraris ever was introduced in Geneva in 1966. Pininfarina made an immaculate combination of best elements of 500 superfast and 275 to create this sleek coupe. In fact it was closer 275 than the 330 2+2, with its independent suspension and short wheelbase and with a Colombo V12 could deliver 300 horses and sub-seven 0-60mph. Ferrari made 600 of these in two years

This year many legends like Miura and Duetto were also celebrating their 50th. So you would enter the venue in a valley of Lamborghini raging bulls of all breed. many superb examples of all but not a real contender for the best of show. Maybe we were hoping to see at least a Miura SVJ, Ragtop or Venano & other concepts 😉

Meeting with The great Valentino Balboni was a pleasure. His team has developed some musical instrument for engines that you might want to check.

The end of this section was where you’d see two full-sized Mars rovers and a sky blue new Disco Volante concept by Touring welcomes you to the lovely grids of the coolest post-war Alfa Romeos.

Soon you’d be absorbed by the beauty of more or less 250 colorful prancing horses in the vastest section of the Black horse golf course in Monterey.

David Lee collection of red 288GTO, F-40, F-50, Enzo & LaFerrari is a magnificent display to begin with. You spend quite some time here and could feel a sweet taste of accomplishment by just looking at them altogether.

LaFerraris and Enzos and some lovely duo hanging out close by

Let’s leave this point and step into a colorful sea of Ferraris. some 150 Modern day V8s & Dinos

and a good number of V12 250GTEs, 400s, 512s & Testarossas as well as some 275s, 330s & 365s – Most of these cars were benchmarks in their class with most beautiful people in their company.

If you finish hanging out here, we can move on to what you actually came here for, Classic racing Ferraris! This year most of them showcase the power and passion of restorers and fabricators that literally resurrected these precious jewels to their glory. Among half a dozen was the beautiful all alloy, Ferrari Classiche certified, 1958 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Scglietti TdF s/n 0899 of Brendan Gallaher and Michel Stern that was crowned the best of show awarded a fabulous trophy by Maestro Giugiaro, now the chairman of the IAAD design school of Torino. This car show cases how you can resurrect a car that has gone through hell and back. Well it was worth it every penny. 0899 had a successful racing career until a serious accident in 1961 almost destroyed it. 21 years later it was rebuilt immaculately on its original chassis by Autosport to a level that Ferrari Classiche stamped a new motor for it.

1949 Ferrari 166 MM Touring Barchetta s/n 0022M of David & Carol Seielstad. This beautiful barchetta was probably the most original racing Ferrari in Concorso. With good racing history in 49 and early 50’s she has attended to numerous Concours events in the US since 90s.

1951 Ferrari 340 America Touring Berlinetta s/n 0126A of Donald Murray. It is said that this car went 17 times back and forth to Maranello to be repaired when new. She has been taken to all over the world by its owners, from Guantanamo to Japan and Monaco. Once she had a Chevy engine and once a Ferrari 250 engine . Now has an engine that is made on the original block.

1950 Ferrari 195 Inter s/n 0081S of Dennis P. Nicotra. This Ferrari was the Turin show car for Touring and almost never been raced except for Tour de France of 1951. She was brought to US in late 50’s and has changed colors at least 4 times in the last 8 years. the original color was gold. read more here  0081/S, The Chameleon Ferrari

195o Ferrari 195S Inter Coupe Vignale Superleggera s/n 0097S of Bruce & Rebecca Vanyo.

This lovely car is fresh out of restoration and is in pristine shape. She entered the US as early as 1951 and entered in races and Concours events in both east and west coast until it was destroyed in fire some time during 60’s. It was rebuilt in 1982 with the coupe body that Vingale once made to transform the 0024M from barchetta, the engine is from 0087S and of course the Chassis is 0097S.

1955 Ferrari 750 Monza s/n 0518M of Alex Pilibus

Ex-Jaques Swaters’ Ecurie Francochamps car that was rebodied in 1956 by Scaglietti to 500TR style after it was crashed in a race. A Chevy engine was installed during the 60’s that was later replaced by a 275 engine and now looks great with an original looking engine

Stopped by GTO Engineering where two beautiful 250s were on display, An original Lusso and a totally recreated SWB. We enjoyed talking to Eric Sanders, one of their alchemists and met wonderful Steven Kittrel, head of west coast operations and a cool fan of Ferrarism.

Ferrari 250 GT/L Berlinetta Lusso s/n 5847GT

250GT SWB recreated by GTO Engineering UK on the chassis of 330GT 2+2 s/n 7663 of Peter Reed

We also had the pleasure of meeting awesome Randy Cook, the bible of twin-bred Ferraris and of course we have his books now (Bowtie Ferraris & Bule Oval et al Ferraris)

Let’s not miss Pagani. Fabulous Huayra presented some serious supercar porn


Another significant car was an outrageous spider named Kode 57. Enji Designed by former Pininfarina Ken Okuyama who penned Enzo. Kode57 has many interesting styling features and is based on Ferrari mechanical. It reminds you of the beautiful Rosso concept, but with way longer wheelbase looks so bulky for the purpose

After we covered Ferrari, fascinating Maserati is a must see. Here you can see some of the highlights

Right by Maseratis were the “Two-Breed” cars. Italian sculptures with American muscles. Cars like wonderful Bizzarinni and Iso that are now well residing in the stop segment of supercars market. DeTomaso was celebrating 50th birthday of their pride and joy, Mangosta. Panteras have also grown significantly in the past few year with the boost in hot rod prices. You could see some with supped up big block engines

One of the most spectacular Etceterini ever made appeared this year in Monterey car week after a very  long time and was in fact present at Concorso. Etceterinis were miniature race cars with amazing Italian bodyworks on tiny yet properly functional Fiat mechanicals. They were the back bone of Italian styling renaissance and we felt their empty space in this event.

This unique 1952 OSCA MT4 1100 Vignale LeMans Berlinetta s/n 1120 is one of 4 Vignale Bodied OSCAs that was ordered by a chemist to attend LeMans and actually was the first OSCA to do so in 1952 and 53 which place 18th in latter. Fabulous avantgarde design with pontoon fenders for improved cooling has probably been a major influence for the mighty 57 Testarossa. it was restored many years back to this lovely blue color with original headlights and is recently acquired from a collection in Japan.


At the end you’d be surprised to see some non-Italian cars too. Some that we could not find any relationship with Italia. Perhaps Concorso directors are like us. They enjoy and welcome best of motoring beyond race and belief.

Among these non-Italians one was really eye catching. Rezvani Beast is a cool roadster developed and made in southern California. It is technically a civilized Ariel Atom. Exotically dressed for the road. Definitely has to be so exciting!

Our special thanks to Director of Operations & Communications of Concorso Italiano, Jim Tinsley and hope you enjoyed the tour of the 31’st Concorso Italiano.

See you next year!

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