Ferrari 250 GTO Spotter’s Guide

First production 250 GTO. Raced from 1962 to 1966 in the USA. Restored in 2011 to its 1966 24h Daytona-winning #30 configuration.

First in Class 1962 24 Hours of Le Mans [. Raced by Bob Grossman then Mike Gammino from 1962 – 1964. Frame-up restoration by Stephen Griswold in 1973. Currently painted it’s Le Mans livery in Blu Metallizzato with a white stripe. Offered by Talacrest in 2016 for £40,000,000.

Used extensively on hillclimbs by Edoardo Lualdi and rebodied to Series II in 1964. First in class 1964 Targa Florio with some famous images. Long time owned by Greg Whitten.

Fabulous Scuderia Serenissima racing history LeMans, Targa Florio, Tour de France, 12h Sebring. Bought by Ulf Norinder and painted in swedish colors. Currently painted its 1964 Targa Florio livery. Crashed twice in period and once on the 50th anniversary GTO tour.

Sold to Pietro Ferraro who raced it to first in class at the 1962 Targa Florio with a unique maroon/white roof livery. Accidents at the 1962 1000km Nurburgring and 1963 Coppa InterEuropa, Monza. Raced from 1965-1967 by Guy Rivillon in France. Repainted in 2012 to its 1962 Targa Florio livery but still unseen.

Bought by UDT/Laystall and painted in their Pale Green livery. Won the 1962 Tourist Trophy as #15 with Innes Ireland driving. Raced in 1963 by Gunther Philipp. Very original bodywork.

Bought by Gotfrid Koechert for the 1962 1000km Nurburgring, then sold to Ecurie Francorchamps. New front bodywork in 1962, upgraded by Graber in 1965 to road spec.

Bought by Tommy Sopwith’ Equipe Endeavour and raced in British events in 1962 by Michael Parkes. Famously abandoned in a field and subsequently restored in 1988. Featured at the Turning Wheel Collection with a replica body and the original body on display. Color is Blu Scuro or dark blue.

Bought and raced by Ferdinando Pagliarini in Italy from 1962-1963. Owned by author Jess Pourret from 1968-1988. Sold at Sotheby’s Monaco auction for $9,588,000.

The world’s most original GTO. Raced by John Surtees in Britian in 1962 and owned by Prince Tchkotoua in 1963. Owned by James McNeil from 1967 to present.

Used by Scuderia Ferrari at the 1962 1000 km Nurburgring. Subsequebtly heavily crashed and converted into a SWB by the factory. Rebodied as 330 GTO by DK Engineering in the 1980s and seldomly seen since.

Bought by Jean Guichet in Rosso Cina and raced to first in class at the 1962 24 Hours of Le Mans. Crashed at the 1962 Targa Florio. Sold to Egidio Nicolosi in 1963 and used in many Italian hillclimbs until 1964. Owned by Ed & Leslie Davies since 1995. Crashed at the 2006 Mont Tremblant Ferrari Festival.

Bought by John Coombs and raced in Britian 1962-1963 with drivers like Roy Salvadori, Graham Hill, Mike Parkes. Accident at Silverstone in 1963. Briefly owned by Eddie Portman raced at the end of the 1964 season before being retired. Currently owned by Jon Shirley since 2000 and repainted in 2015 to its 1962 Tourist Trophy Bianco livery. Crashed at the 40th anniversary GTO tour in 2002.

Delivered new to Ecurie Francorchamps. Placed second in class the 1962 24 Hours of Le Mans. Raced by Guy Hansez in 1963. Raced by Peter Clarke in the UK for the 1964 season and crashed during practice at the Goodwood BARC Meeting. Raced until 1965 when crashed again at the 1965 Silverstone Meet. Owned by Nick Mason since 1978 carring the ‘250GTO’ license plate. Currently painted its 1962 Le Mans livery with #22.

Used by Scuderia Ferrari at the 1962 24 Hours of Le Mans with a DNF. Subsequently used by Ferdinando Latteri at Italian hillclimbs for the 1965 season. Currently painted in it’s 1962 Le Mans config.

Bought new by David Piper and raced by him and Ed Cantrell until mid 1964 in “BP Green”. Rare entries by Piper at the Angola GP and Puerto Rico GP. Bought by Anthony Bamford in 1974 to present.

Sold to Fernand Tavano who took it to Le Mans, Tour de France and won a many French hillclimbs. Sold it to fellow French racer Sylvain Garant who raced it in 36 mostly French events until 1966. Owned by Anthony and Lulu Wang since 1997. Painted in it’s original Grigio Metallizzato with a broad blue stripe.

Bought new by Kalman von Czazy and used mostly in German races. Sold to Pierre Sudan for the 1964 Swiss racing season. Restored by Ferrari Classiche in 2016 back to its 1962 configuration.

Painted Grigio Metallizzato and sold new to Jo Schlesser & Henri Oreiller who raced it at the 1962 24 Hours of Le Mans and placed second overall. Henri Oreiller tragically died after an accident car during the Coupes du Salon at Montlhery. Rebuilt by the factory for Paolo Colombo for the 1963 Hillclimb season, then Ernesto Prinoth raced it for the 1964 Hillclimb season. Completely rebuilt in 1965 for Fabrizio Violati with a distinct low and wide nose. Sold out of the Violatti colleciton by Bonhams in 2015 for $38,115,000 USD.

Sold to Ron Fry and used at many British events in 1963 and 1964. After retiring from duty the car has been seldom shown by owners David Clarke, Albert Obrist and Giorgio Perfetti.

Delivered in Grigio Metallizzato to Scuderia Filipinetti and raced at major events for the 1962 and 1963 seasons. Sold to Claude Bourillot in France for the 1964, 1965 and 1966 seasons. Owned by John Mozart since 2000.

Sold to Pierre Noblet to many first in class victories including 6 Hours of Dakar, 500km of Spa, 1000km Nurburgring, 12 Hours of Reims. Raced in 1965 until 1967 by Robert Neyret in France. Recently restored for owner Charles Nearburg in it’s debut livery at the 1000km Paris.

Winner of the 1000km Paris driven by the Rodriguez brothers. Subsequently sold through Luigi Chinetti to the Mecom Racing Team. Scored first in class at the 1963 12 Hours of Sebring with Roger Penske/Augie Pabst driving. Restored around 2002 for Ralph Lauren and displayed in bare metal at the 2002 Cavallino Classic.

Not raced by the first owner, then rebodied to 1964 bodywork for Edoardo Lualdi who used it in for the 1964 Italian hillclimb season. Sold to fellow Italian Clemente Ravetto who placed first in class at the 1965 Targa Florio. Raced in Italy until 1967. Owned since 1982 by Peter Sachs of the Klemantaski Collection.

Originally delivered in Grigio Metallizzato to Hermann Cordes and used in German races by him, Manfred Ramminger, and Werner Lindermann in German events until 1965. Owned by Paul Vestey since 1982 with the place ‘6PEV’.

First overall 1964 Tour de France. Delivered in Grigio Metallizzato with a French tricolore stripe to Pierre Dumay who drove it to second in class at the 1963 24 Hours of Le Mans. He used it for two more races then sold it to Marquis Philippe de Montaigu and Ecurie Francorchamps. Used in the 1964 and 1965 seasons and in many rallies before retirement. Currently painted in its 1964 Tour de France-winning livery.

Sold through Luigi Chinetti to Mamie Spears and raced by Pedro Rodriguez to victory at the 3-Hour Daytona Continental. Once month later it raced the 12-Hours of Sebring for a fourth in class. Sold to the Spencer’s and raced at three local California events. Only completed five races in period.

First in Class 1963 24 Hours of Le Mans. Bought new by Ecurie Francorchamps and only raced four times before retirement. 1st overall at the 1963 SPA-Franchorchamps 500km, 1st in Class at the 1963 Le Mans with Drivers Jean Blaton ann Gerald Langlois van Ophem, then appearances at Zolder and Reims. Currently owned by Chip Connor with several nice cars including an 8C2900 Alfa Romeo and FIA-Spec Cobra.

The Maranello Concessionaires GTO. Raced by Mike Parkes, Jack Sears, Graham Hill then rebodied into ’64 Series II configuration for the 1964 season. Between 1963 and 1965 this car won six races outright and five classes, most on British soil. Mid-season 1965 it was sold to Gordon Durhamhad who had Mike Salmon race it for the rest of the season. Since 1969 it has been owned by Anthony Bamford resembling it’s 1964 Le Mans appearance.

Delivered new to David Piper in Green BP (his second GTO). FOr the 1964 season, the body was heavily modified with a lowered roof and aluminum covers over the headlights. It remained like this until the mid-1980s when Giuseppe Lucchini had it restored the original shape. Not seen publically since 1992.

Raced by Guido Fossati for the 1963 season. Upgraded to ’64 bodywstyle after an accident at the Tour de France. Raced afterwards in many Italian hillclimbs up until 1966.

Fitted with a 330 LM/GTO style body for NART to run at the 1963 Le Mans. After competing in the Tourist Trophy and Tour de France it was sold to Bob Grossman and raced in the USA for the 1964 season. Large accident at the 1965 Thompson SCCA races retired this car.

Delivered new to Count Giovanni Volpi’s Scuderia SSS Repubblica di Venezia. Raced mainly by Carlo Maria Abate for the 1963 season. Accident at the 1963 Le Mans. Sold to Georges Marquet and raced by Boulanger through Ecurie Francorchamps for the 1964 season. Auctioned by the FBI in 1987 for $1,500,000USD.

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  • February 6, 2017 at 8:15 pm

    Again… no rear 3/4 views for these cars! If you are a car fancier you would like to see all sides of these fantastic cars.

  • December 24, 2018 at 3:44 am

    I love this blog thank you I can never own one even though I am a serious collector of other more minor F-cars thiscplus all the books photos models memorabilia are a great substitute

  • July 27, 2019 at 10:29 pm

    Was 3869GT David Clarke’s ‘5RU’? Lovely paring with Clarke’s Lusso, registered as ‘RU5’!


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