The Paris Motor Show SWB

2917GT was on display at the Paris Motor Show as Ferrari’s top offering.

Dealer Franco-Brittanic Autos had it as a French delivery car in the fitting color of Azzuro or Light blue.

As it sits today, 2917GT benefits from 48 years of continous ownership by Cyrille Duval.

And it will also be the star at Artcurial Motorcars’ Le Mans Classic sale on July 9th.

In the first few years, 2917GT was enjoyed on the roads of France as a Lusso specificion car meant for grand touring.

But the SWB was also a very capable race car and its forth owner Mr Battisti took it down to the Côte d’Azur and used it in hillcimb events such as the Tanneron, Col de l’Orme and Ampus races.

Mr Battisti on the 1968  La Roquette Hillclimb. Image copyright Alexis Callier collection.
Mr Battisti on the 1968 La Roquette Hillclimb. Image copyright Alexis Callier collection.

However it was fifth owner Cyrille Duval who kept the car all these years. Artcurial tells the story:

In November of the same year, [the owner] consigned the car to the garage Stand 14 belonging to Pierre Landereau, in Montlhéry. An automobile aficionado, Pierre Landereau rubbed shoulders with top French drivers and this would have included, at that time, Jean-Pierre Beltoise, who lived close by, and Jacques Laffitte, a great friend for years. Landereau went on to take part in the Rallye Paris-Dakar some twenty times. At the end of 1969, he remembers welcoming into his showroom a young 22-year old man who had come to buy a Peugeot 204 saloon with sunroof with the money his father had given him to buy his first car. However, on walking into the showroom, the young man fell madly in love with a red 250 GT berlinetta sitting amongst an array of more ordinary machines. He had a change of mind and following three weeks of negotiation decided against the rather debonair Peugeot, in favour of the Ferrari which he bought for the sum of 20 500 francs ! Since then, the young man has grown older and his collection has evolved, although he has always kept the Ferrari, which has now been in the same hands for almost 50 years!

In preparation for its sale, Artcurial had French Ferrari importer – Charles Pozzi verify the car as matching numbers chassis, engine, gearbox and rear axle.

2917GT will be offered for public sale for the first time in 50 years at Artcurial Motorcars Le Mans Classic sale on July 9th. The full auction desscription can be seen here:

Studio Images ©Christian Martin for Artcurial Motorcars:

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